Day 4 - 7/18/99

Costa Mesa, Ca

Las Vegas, NV

Total Miles: 681 Miles Today: 271


     In the morning Chase and Rex went to the last day of the Expo, while Dodi caught up on her sleep.  The last day of the expo only had Anime up until 2:00 pm.  They both enjoyed the Anime and managed to not shuffle back and forth between buildings too often. 

Journal_Day_04_The_Gang.jpg (10249 bytes)     We had contacted our friend Paul yesterday and arranged to meet up with him at grandmothers house at 2:30.  Paul is a mutual friend of Rex and Chase's from Walnut Creek.   He now lives and works down in the Orange County Area.  Neither Rex or Chase had seen him since the holidays, so they wanted a chance to hang out.

     Uncle Dusty had four free tickets to the Orange County Fair which he was happy to give us (Thanks Unk!)  so we decided that the Fair was the thing to do.

Journal_Day_04_Welcome_Sign.jpg (3959 bytes)
Journal_Day_04_At_The_Fair.jpg (10062 bytes)      We, after getting on the wrong freeway at least 4 times (Crack Smoking?  I haven't decided if it's on my part of the L.A. Freeway designers part.), got to the fair at about 4 pm. 

     None of us was really into the whole ride/game thing, but there was a "Products Hall" which looked promising.  We had a BLAST!   We watched a bunch of Demos Ginsu Knives, (Rex almost bought some, thank Dodi for holding him back), some cool Ladders (which Rex also almost bought), a home embroidery machine (Very cool, but a bit pricey for Rex's taste), and a Combo Lathe/Drill/Table saw/sander/food processor/Anti-aircraft gun/Dialysis Machine (Again, there was temptation, but $3K is a little rich for Rex's blood.) We also went to the Art Exhibit halls which had a bunch of really neat (and award winning) photos, paintings, and sculptures.  We were appropriately inspired.

     Time was running out, but Chase wanted to get the whole "fair" experience (and a soft-serve cone) so we decided to circle around the exhibit halls on our way out.  As we were passing a ride Dodi noticed that it was called "Inverter" and we immediately though of our favorite Toy.  We had to get a picture.  Easier said than done.  The sign was blinking on and off and in patterns.  We wanted a picture with all the lights on so you could read it.   Try to take a picture of a blinking sign when you have a 1/2 second delay on your shutter button.  Luckily we could review the pics as we took them.  Click, review - shit.  Click, review - almost. Click, Review- Damn!  Ok, we've got 200+ pictures left.  Take a BUNCH.  Click Click Click Click. Bingo, Got it! We took the seven good pictures and made the animated GIF you see on the right.  Hehe.   Chase got his Soft-Serve and we headed back to Grams.

     We had a final send off with the fam and friends, booted up the map program and pointed towards Vegas!

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