Day 3 - 7/17/99

Costa Mesa, Ca

Costa Mesa, Ca

Total Miles: 410 Miles Today: 0


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     Above is the Dealer room.  There are tons of different companies selling all things Anime.  T-Shirts, Videos, Posters, Animation Software, and Hentai (Porn).  There was even a model with a booth advertising herself. 
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Journal_Day_03_Waiting_Line.jpg (10687 bytes)     Ugh.  More lines.  This one was for the Masquerade.  We first waited and hour for tickets, then later in the day we waited about 3 hours in line and waiting for the show to start.  There was really only 1 hour in line, but the mixer blew up taking the microphones with it, causing another 2 hour delay.  It was worth it!  Some people had AMAZING costumes.  As I said before, we will get a bunch of pictures of these costumes up when we have more time (I am updating at 3am).

     Chase was with us today, soaking up the Anime Goodness.   We had lots of fun going back and forth between buildings that had Anime we wanted to see.  We must have missed the beginning of almost all the Anime we saw 'cause we had to switch buildings to get to the ones we wanted. 

     Dodi was a bit tired because we got in so late last night and set off so early this morning.  Luckily by the time the Masquerade came up, she was back on her feet.

Journal_Day_03_Artist.jpg (10124 bytes)      There was another artist in the "Artists Alley" - I had met him at his previous Anime Convention (Fanime Con '99) and had a chance to talk to him then.  I had always wanted Dodi to meet this guy 'cause he does such neat stuff with PhotoShop (see left).  He's got a tablet and a laptop and he generates some magnificent stuff.  Dodi hung out and watched him work for an hour.

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