Day 5 - 7/19/99

Las Vegas, NV

Eagar, AZ

Total Miles: 1302 Miles Today: 641

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     The background of this page is the wallpaper of the hotel we stayed at in Vegas.  As you may guess, it was not . . . shall we say . . . high class.  We had called ahead and reserved the room.  We didn't arrive until 1:30 (Which is why the last update didn't have this stuff.)  We uploaded the update for Day 4 and went to "The Strip."

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     We drove towards the lights and pretty quick we were in the strip.  We took a bunch of pictures from the car (see left) and we took some great panoramic pictures which I will post later.  Dodi had the great idea of going to the top of a hotel to get some aireal pictures such as the one on the right.  By the time we were done taking pictures it was really late (early?) - 3:30am!  We dragged our butts back to our hotel and went to sleep.  We got up at 11:00 and headed to the Grand Canyon. 

Journal_Day_05_Rex_Dodi_Grand_Canyon.jpg (10031 bytes)      It took us 4 hours to get the Grand Canyon (about 270 miles) and it was overcast when we got there. We were awed by the SIZE of the Canyon, but by that time we had been driving for quite a while after not getting a lot of sleep.  We took a bunch of pictures and headed back into town to eat. 

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