Day 9 - 7/23/99

Indianapolis, IL

Hempstead, NY

Total Miles: 3900 Miles Today: 764


     Well, No pictures today.  We Spent the entire day and some of the next day traveling.  We Wanted to make New York today(ish) so we did. 

     Getting here has been really exciting.   We got lost not once, not twice, not even three times, but FOUR times.  Our most grievous error we did not discover until some 80 miles later and it added a half hour to our drive.  We also had trouble with some intersections/junctions. We missed (sometimes twice (once for each direction) two others as well, including one where we must have come at the intersection all four ways it was possible before we got the right one.)   Dodi took over the driving and with Rex's navigational skills we managed to only miss a few other turnings. 

     This map program is a mixed blessing.  It does seem to have all the right roads in all the right places but sometimes it doesn't have it's directions down correctly.  It sometimes calls for a left when we need a right and other times the intricacies of the intersection are not accurately reproduced, leaving us madly searching for road signs and other such stuff.  That was ultimately the root of the navigation problems that we've been having.  We probably needed to may a little more attention to the road too.

     As we travel I have noticed an interesting trend.  Highways are the largest expression of mass civil disobedience I have ever seen.  When the speed limit says 65, most go 80.  I think that even the people that we pass all the time are not even going 65.   It makes me wonder about the effect of a speed limit and the practicality of enforcing it.  I wonder if high speeds are actually the cause of the trouble or the other bad driving skills usually associated with the willingness to throw all caution to the wind and speed irresponsibly.   Hummm.
     A special thanks to my second aunt (I think that's the relation) Annette and her Husband for providing us with a totally groovie place to stay.  It's AWESOME (Pictures tomorrow.) - Sure beats a hotel!  Thanks a bunch Guys!
Our Plan for the Future:
     We are planning on staying in New York for the weekend - We figure we can do all the tourist things (Empire State, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty) as well as check out some of the big Art Museums!  After that we will head to D.C. where we will spend 3 or 4 days.  Then it's back across the country by the northern route.  The next week should be jam packed with pictures, so don't be turned off by this big page of text!
     By the Way - For those of you who have tuned in late, or who have just been reading the journal, don't forget to check out the Pictures Page with our many overflow pictures.  We will probably be assembling some neat-o Scenery pages since we don't have to travel much this week (Yeah!  More Sleep!)
* Before I Go to Sleep Update *
We FINALLY Arrived, at 3:00 am - After 15 hours on the road.  Look for our "Rex & Dodi's Wild New York (City) Adventure" Tomorrow!  G-night!

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