Day 8 - 7/22/99

Oklahoma City, OK

Indianapolis, IL

Total Miles: 3136 Miles Today: 740


     Today was the second of a planned three travel days.  We figure we can get to Long Island, NY by tomorrow if we can travel for the same amount of time.  With luck we will be staying at Rex's Dad's Cousins house on Long Island (he still needs to contact her.) Originally we had planned on spending the entire day on the road.  As you may have guessed from the picture off the the right, things didn't quite end up that way.  As we were passing through Missouri Rex had a glimmering of a remembrance about St. Louis.  It took Dodi to remember that there was some sort of arch there. Apparently Dodi got the part of the brain that allows people to remember national monuments.

Journal_Day_08_Panoramic_Arch.jpg (9384 bytes)

     Since it was almost exactly on our way, we decided to stop.  We were glad we did!  Dodi had previously been to the Gateway Arch, but Rex had not.  Rex had no idea that:
A) It was so BIG (650 ft)
B) It was Stainless Steel (Not white concrete)
C) It was so bloody HOT in those stupid little cars that you get to the top in.
     In fact, all Rex could think about during the ride up was how much his mother would HATE them.  Itty bitty little cars with a tiny windows looking into darkness.  The view, however, was worth the 4 minute cook.

Journal_Day_08_Arch_Glowy_Cityscape.jpg (10337 bytes)

     This is part of the view from the top of the arch.  The nifty building up front is the old courthouse.  There were lots of other cool things, but none of the pictures looked as good as this one.

We, once again, are spending the night at an Econo Lodge - This time, however, we will not be caught off guard by the time change.  Yesterday we ended up checking out late 'cause we convinced ourselves that we couldn't have crossed a time line that fast.

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