Pre-trip - 7/14/99

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Journal_Pre_Trip_Car_Top_Carrier.jpg (9894 bytes)       This is the car top carrier that we rented to carry all our stuff.  We figure that if we're gonna sleep in the back we don't want to have to move all our stuff around every night.
Journal_Pre_Trip_Car_Bed.jpg (10330 bytes)         Here is Dodi testing out the car in "Sleep mode."   We are going to bring a blanket to hang over the end the open hatch to give us some privacy.  We hope that on warm nights we can take the inflatable mattress out of the car and put in on the ground.  We shall see how that turns out.
      We are loaded for bear this trip.  We bought a 300 Watt inverter (Gives us "wall power" from a car battery) so we can run our all our stuff.  We have Clockwise:

Journal_Pre_Trip_Toys.jpg (10067 bytes)

  • Inverter
  • Laptop (233Mhz, 64MB, 5GB, Cellular Modem)
  • Spare Battery
  • Cell Phones
  • Electric Razor
  • Bed Inflater
  • Walkman
  • CD Player
  • Digital Camera (Not pictured (guess why))

We plan on using the inverter when we're on the run and an extension cord whenever we're at a campground or hotel.

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